TeamCentral is a web-based global audit and issues tracking database that accumulates project information and findings from all of your individual TeamMate EWP projects and allows you to track the implementation status of recommendations made by your department.


Information at Your Fingertips

  • Results can be viewed outside of the TeamMate EWP project file through your web browser — TeamMate EWP does not need to be installed.
  • The web-based interface allows easy searching through your department’s complete database of key historical and current audit data.
  • Issue follow-up, trend analysis, prior audit review and committee reporting are simple and intuitive.
  • Key stakeholders can access TeamCentral, allowing management to focus on the overall objectives and management of audit results without the need to look at details.
  • Secure User Management ensures that auditors and audit management only access data for which they are authorized.
  • Automatic and/or user-initiated email notifications between issue owners and project teams ensure continuous communication and ongoing workflow.


Reporting on results across all projects undertaken and exceptions raised is made easy with the use of the following TeamCentral standard reports:

Project Reports:

Exception Reports:

  • By Report Issue Date
  • By Opinion and Period
  • By Location and Period
  • By Risk
  • Where Budgets were Exceeded
  • Where Risk Ratings Changed
  • Where Reports have not been Issued yet
  • Where Responses are Past Due
  • By Manager
  • By Lead
  • By Audit Team
  • By Type
  • By Group
  • Containing Certain Key Words
  • By Type and Period
  • By Category and Period
  • By Impact and Period
  • By Status
  • Where there are no Management Responses
  • Where Follow-up Date is Past Due
  • Aged Exceptions
  • Containing Certain Key Words

In addition to these standard reports, the TeamCentral report writer allows you to create and save your own user-defined reports and queries.

Search capabilities allow you to conduct data mining and “on-the-fly” queries that hinge on any searchable fieldwithin project profiles or exception forms.

Project tracking allows you to easily obtain an update and report on the status of your plan at any time. Milestone reporting can be used at your discretion to get a more detailed status of audits in progress.


Recommendation owners can access their issues to provide status updates proactively or upon notification.


Exception search looks for exceptions across all projects, in a report or graphical format.


Graphical representations of search results provide visual summaries of relevant search criteria.